Santorini (AKA, Pretty)

Wow, Santorini is pretty. I mean, it's not exactly the most amazing place in the world - that would go to somewhere like Meteora, but I think that it certainly deserves its reputation amongst the prettiest of the greek isles. I mean - look at it:

Right, I mean, that's probably not fair. I mean, it is sunset. Here's a better one:

Yeah.... I guess. They're all like this. It's a beautiful island. We arrived pretty early (6AM) on the first day, and I spent the day walking around, while Paul and Max went to the beach. I say I walked around - actually I walked 36km, in roughly 5 hours. Yep. "Walked around." During this time, I visited Oia from Fira (where we were staying), and took the famous "Santorini" picture:

I also enjoyed some crepes, and took in the scenery. When I got back to Fira, it was quite late - but I still had time for Dinner - a seafood linguini with an ocean view.

The next day was, for me, a pretty lazy one. I once again spent the day walking about - visiting the rest of Fira (which I had missed) and taking in the sunset. I also had a pretty amazing Kebab from Lucky's, and some great food in Oia, when I met Paul and Max after their hike (only a measly 18km). The seafood quartet was amazing, with fresh fish that just melted in your mouth. Do try the seafood here - though it might be expensive, it's amazing.

The last day was, of course, a beach day - and no better way to spend that day then to head to Parissa's famous black sand beaches. We spent the day lazing around, cliff diving, and swimming in the ocean, and then had a pretty solid dinner by the ocean.

(I don't really know why that picture is smaller.... I guess it just doesn't like growing)

All in all, an amazing island stopover - next stop: Bodrum, Turkey.