Prague (AKA, Back again, back again)

There’s something charming in returning to somewhere that you’ve already been. Coming back is like revisiting a favorite place - the same smells, the same sights, a familiar face in a huge number of unknowns that make it fun to come back to a place. Not only was it exciting to return to this city that I’ve already been to once before - but it was exciting to get a chance to explore some of the back roads and alleys that I didn’t have on my last whirlwind trip. So here it is - Prague. A city that I’ve been to before - but I was just as excited to go back to.

When we got into Prague, we spent the rest of the day just chilling out - there’s not a lot to do that doesn’t require some kind of pre-planning or a large amount of walking around - but we visited the main square, had a bit of the city’s classic pork, watched the famous astronomical clock strike the hour, and got a chance to immerse ourselves in the culture. This culture is of course defined by a cuisine. Meat. Meat. More meat. And a bit of beer thrown in. But mostly meat. Not that there’s anything wrong with this (though it’s probably pretty bad for your heart), but after a few days, it will be nice to see something green again on my plate. After dinner, we took a walk around the main city square, and snapped a couple of pre-sunset pics from the famous metronome statute - a large metronome straddling the top of a hill (a monument reminding the Czech people of the occupation of the Soviets).

The next day began a bit earlier than I would have liked (on account of Max’s seemingly infallible ability to wake up at 6AM every day). I grabbed a bagel and hot chocolate at Café Kafliko, and wow - they do hot chocolate right there, thick enough to eat with a spoon, it was the perfect way to begin the day.

A visit to the Kafka museum (and it’s famous peeing statutes) and the national gallery finished out my morning. I spent most of the afternoon taking in the view from the Prague Castle, one of the oldest (and largest) castles in the region - with two cathedrals, a museum, and a quaint little street where alchemists tried their hardest to turn lead into gold the castle was more than enough entertainment to fill the afternoon.

I met Max and Paul for dinner, and then we spent the rest of the night hanging out around the city, walking around, and exploring. Well, Max and I did. Paul went on a pub crawl that brought him back to the hostel about 5AM the next morning. Sleep is starting to become a bit of a problem you know. It’s been about a week since I’ve slept 8 hours - and I thought by going on vacation I would be escaping this problem. Humph.

The next day began a bit later, but was just as filled. We began by grabbing pastries, and then took a walk up the hill to the Petrin tower, Prague’s dutiful clone of the Eiffel tower. Though not as large, it provided amazing views of the city that we had spent the last few days in. We then grabbed some drinks at the Strahov Monastery which has been brewing beer since before Prague was a proper city. Climbing back down the hill after a large lunch (Paul had almost a kilo of ham hock (900g)) we took some paddle boats around the river - and then spent the afternoon lounging around. Our last dinner was, of course, more meat, but this time in a bit more moderation owing to the larger lunch.

Today, I’m writing this blog as I’m on the train from Prague to Berlin. We’ll be in Berlin for a day and a half, then we’re flying to Amsterdam. We’re there for three days, then Geneva for three days. I then part with Paul and Max, and spend the next two days after that back in Stockholm, then back to the states. Then this blog turns back into a ghost town - or maybe I can keep posting interesting content. I guess we’ll see. Until the next blog - Ciao!