Pamukkale (AKA, Husky Puppy!)

Ok, I'll admit. I didn't take pictures of the puppy - and I probably should have - so no pictures for you. But we're jumping ahead of ourselves. Let's rewind.

Pamukkale is a city just north of Denizli (Turkey) which has some remarkable hot springs. Located in a white (literally) mountain (because of a large calcium deposit), the hot springs form some crazy pools, and make Pamukkale the number one toursit destination for Turkish people. We couldn't have come at a better time - as with the fear that has been instilled into foreign tourists, there were so few tourists about (even though it is agruably one of the most touristy cities on our trip). In fact, we were chatting with the lady who own the hotel we stayed at (The Melrose Hotel (amazing)) and she mentioned that they had lost a significant portion of their business that year because of the lack of tourists from out of the country.

Honestly, one need not be worried - because we encountered once again nothing but helpful people and smiling faces on our journey. We got in pretty late after a long (5 hour) bus ride from Bodrum and a small shuttle. When we got to the hotel, we were met by friendly faces, and wow. This place was beautiful.

When we woke up in the morning - we ventured immediately out to the hot springs. I think the pictures tell the story:

This place was pretty cool. I mean, it wasn't exactly like the pictures on the internet suggested (For there's clearly been a reduction in the output of the springs since they were taken) but it was fun to check it out. There's also this pool where you can swim amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Heiropolis. That's pretty awesome.

But honestly, the most amazing part of the entire hot springs area were the ruins. The ancient spa city of Heiropolis which once stood here were fantastic, and very well preserved. I mean, check it out! There's still like buildings and stuff:

Ok, yeah. It's not the coolest picture. But I promise that Max and Paul took some better ones (my phone was dead), and they'll be posted when I get around to posting the best photos of the trip (when I get back to Denver). Even so - this place was pretty awesome to visit.

The next day, we once again woke up to an (included) turkish breakfast - and wow, they're pretty crazy:

It's one heck of a spread. I'll tell you that. Afterwards, we relaxed by the pool (while I wrote the Bodrum blog post) and swam a bit. This lasted, um, the entire day. For dinner, we walked to a Japanese restaurant, and enjoyed some of the best Japanese food that Turkey has to offer (it was pretty good, but not the best I've ever had). When walking back - this is where the husky puppy comes in. Max, of course, has a proclivity for petting just about any dog that drop by, and of course, huskies are something that anybody wants to pet, so when walking home, he just goes right up to this puppy and starts petting him. No owner in sight, but a dog house, and he just does it. Confidence is key, and the husky takes to him immediately - starts licking his face and playing with him. I was impressed. Honestly. Nice going Max! (Now grab that kind of confidence when talking to girls :P)

The next day was the same - more relaxing, a late breakfast - and Japanese for lunch, before we ended up here, at the airport in Denizli writing this post. Well, Signing off for now! Ciao!